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Metahaus in Berlin and Bahlsen Keksfabrik in Hannover

The journey begins in Metahaus Berlin in 2017

The biggest pharmaceutical company in the world made a courageous leap creating an online platform for discussing health topics with health industry stakeholders and the general public. Within half a year we went from a winning pitch deck to a fully functional online platform in drupal.

Land der Gesundheit

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Setting sail in Hamburg with AIDA

My overall fourth assignment in Hamburg, having years ago worked with Tribal for VW, this time it was t automotive but ship cruises. Being with the inventor of German “fun ships” in 1996, which is now part of the American Carnival Corporation & plc, currently the world´s largest travel leisure company.

Being completely integrated into the agile App Team, I helped shaping the user experience for a cruising companion, offering help and much needed orientation for the up to 4000 passengers of the biggest cruise ships.

AIDA app screen

Next destination: Düsseldorf for Metro

Wireframe Journey

The internet shy wholesale giant finally awakens. Having a new digital agenda and getting into e-commerce at least. It’s been a challenging half year packed with organizing content, creating new CMS modules, card sorting, oversized journey print outs and enthusiastic stakeholders and colleagues.

Mapping experiences for Volkswagen commercial vehicles

The tower of Volkswagen commercial vehicles sheds its light in the vicinity of Hannover’s central station. From there it’s a 15 minute’s drive to the Projekthaus where a digital division of Volkswagen commercial vehicles resides.

Under its new CEO Diess VW wants to get real with digital service offerings, some of them being developed by VW commercial vehicles.

I helped creating a multiband B2B SaaS software from zero to 90% of the MVP functionality. I had the pleasure to work with great colleagues both in design and development. .

Hannover VW commercial vehicles tower