Ginger bread Porsche in front of the Porsche Museum in StuttgartWhen I visited the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart this ginger bread decorated Porsche attracted many looks ..more

UXDesign.berlin WebsiteIt took me some while, but finally my new website is online, check it out: Visit uxdesign.berlin

Hermes delivery illustrationUsing dialogue-oriented communication to improve the parcel tracking experience ..more

Signal Iduna HV illustrationUnder the roof of a new service strategy to improve the customer service experience a couple of spear head projects were set up. The goal for each project was to deliver an MVP in the end...more

Corona Bier Illustrationfreelance hardships in the beginning of the corona pandemic ..more

Improv workshop at UX-Camp europeGreat to have you back after one year of pause: UX-Camp Europe in Berlin 2019 ..read more

Metahaus und Bahlsen Keksfabrik Illustration3 years 4 projects from app to SaaS in 3 cities. An overview ..more

DiscoveryWhat is User Experience Design all about, a short intro ..more

Jan Jursa and Norbert Hadwiger IA Conference 2017 SketchTenth anniversary of the famous IA conference in Berlin. Two days full of UX inspiration. ..more