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ia conference berlin 2016

Glad, I could make it to Urania

First time I went to the Berlinale it was there at the Urania,I somehow passed the controls whithout having even a ticket and saw a somewhat shocking movie of former punk queen Lydia Lunch. After the first ten minutes the lights in the screening room went back on and somebody from the Berlinale comitee excused himself for the brutal content of this movie and asked whether anybody wanted to leave. At least a third of the audience left, I didn´t.

IA Konferenz Methodenkarte

And another old acquaintance: the method card. For anybody who never could make it to IA-conference it works like that: At the reception you get a back of the same method cards. You need to exchange your cards with others to collect the whole deck of cards. Always a great conversation starter during breaks.

IA Konferenz Vorträge

26 lectures to choose from ranging from "Artificically intelligent design(er) to "TV is not dead" always two in parallel besides few glitches where speakers would not show up. All in all remarkably interesting and often astoundingly entertaining. Afterwards I always thing I have to do some sketchnotes at the next conference.

Only draw back, which brought back to mind that we were not attending a medical conference was the catering. But what the hack, it´s part of the Berlin user experience.