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Why personal projects tend to never get finished at all

First of all: You lose money. In the beginning its exciting, you try out all kind of things, learn all kind of things, find out all kind of things. Then a new projects starts and reality kicks in, half a year later you completely forgot about it.

Becoming overly ambitious

You always wanted to learn React - wouldn´t it be great to do this and built your next site along the way? Bad idea. In the beginning you struggle with the new technology and if you ever come so far to master it, your personal project won´t matter any more and you want probably something completely different.

Do not get trapped in the playground of new tools

Which I often do. Personal projects also seem to be a perfect opportunity to try out new tools. Initially you might have some success but over the time you get sidetracked more and more.

How to overcome all this?

Vite fait, bien fait. Fast done, well done. Is the french answer to the german "Gut Ding braucht Weil" - Good things need time. In lean agile terms the MVP (most viable product) approach is proably the best to turn to: Make it about what you can accommplish with the least possible effort.