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Flag velib and nice orange pen

What ever happened to french usability

Two minutes of trip preparation to Paris and already so many usability mistakes. Is this the french culture and art sector, where they do not care and seemingly never test at all or did I just arrive at the two worst examples?

Velib is a great service - could be optimized with a more flexible concept of returning bikes but still great for a city like Paris which never really gave a shit about its bicycle users. With Velib you can rent a bike for free, but you have to register first. Either online or at any Velib station - which I do not recommend.

A 7 days pass is just 8 Euro and the first 30 minutes are free. So you can basically go around in Paris for free for seven days if you stick to the 30 minutes rule. If you are not alone - like in a couple, family... - you have to go through the whole registration process as many times as many members your little or huge party have. Because you cannot adjust the amount of passes. Velib 7 days passSo if you want to order lets say 5, then you will have to undergo the whole process 5 times - enjoy!

Palais de Tokyo

Palais de Tokyo newsletter subscription

Worse. First thing you will see of the site of Palais de Tokyo - a newsletter subscription. OMG - Sure I will subscribe to another newsletter out of the 5 million I have been proposed to today just because it is a french site which slaps it right into my face! I really would like to see the bounce rate of this site. Let me guess, somewhat over 80 %. But maybe french users are used to awkward usability and they do not mind that much. Palais de Tokyo I always wondered about the business case behind newsletter registrations - besides they are so easy to measure. Looking at how much you gain from any kind of unpersonalized newsletter, it seems awful to force users to subscribe while entering the site.

Prediction of WM 2014 Germany France match

Deutsche Bahn with their hyper precise targeting offers a much better experience. They just do not have anything on their homepage besides an ad for munich. This is simplicity pure or should I say poor? Call a bike Having this in mind, I really have to say that Germany is going to win the usability coup 2 to 1 in full compliance to the highly honored and internationally admired ADAC rules.